Previous projects

During my PhD training I have been investigating how structural changes in globular proteins can affect their interfacial properties. This project was realized at Agrocampus Ouest/INRA in Rennes under the supervision of Pr. Françoise Nau. The idea behind this work was to try to rationalize a food process that is currently used by industrial companies to change the texturing properties of food ingredients. In other words, complex food ingredients are heated in a dry state to improve their foaming properties. I studied the impact of such a treatment on proteins in order to understand how and why the interfacial properties of the modified polypeptides were affected. Using lysozyme as a simple model protein we found that subtle structural modifications can greatly affect interfacial adsorption, film formation, and foam stability. (More)

During my Master’s degree training I studied spiralin, an acyl-lipoprotein from the wall-less bacteria spiroplasma. This project was realized with Pr. Henri Wróblewski at the University of Rennes 1 (UMR6026-Molecular and Cellular Interactions, group NMR and lipids-proteins interactions). Here, I was introduced to basic biochemical procedures and biophysical characterization of  membrane proteins. A part of this work was done in collaboration with Laure Béven (INRA/Université de Bordeaux). (More)